No doubt increasing numbers breeding in northern France and elsewhere can account for this welcome rise in numbers.

Among a few of the oddities, a Short-toed Lark was a first for the site, a Great Bustard was a bit of a surprise, and more than 2000 Hawfinches so far are a reflection of what seems to be quite a widespread 'invasion' across western Europe this autumn.

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In Number 24-2, the main item is the third update to the 'Nouvel inventaire des oiseaux de France' (NIOF, published in 2008), adding new information about a large range of species, with references to sources given for those who wish to enquire further.

A summary of the previous update can be found here.

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27 August 2017 With a bit of time on my hands (i.e.

It is encouraging to see that the recent trend is upwards.

They are still on the move, of course, over 8000 so far altogether, a new record.

26 October 2017 Although the season of counts at this Pyrenean migration watchpoint is not yet over – it runs to the middle of November – it is clear that for several species it has been an outstanding autumn.

For instance, over 15,500 Honey Buzzards have been seen passing south, the fifth highest total in 39 years of counting.

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