The study was led by Carol Ciesielski of the Chicago Department of Health. Yet, given recent data, the CDC believes that expanded education among gay and bisexual men should be a priority."Prevention has to begin with awareness and basic education," added Valdiserri. Several researchers noted that STD increases among MSM might be due to increased risky sexual behavior following the success of anti-retroviral therapy for treating HIV/AIDS and the perception that HIV is no longer a serious problem.Only 26 percent of respondents correctly identified rash as a sign of syphilis, while 61.5 percent incorrectly identified urethral discharge as a symptom. "Together with other recent reports of upswings in risk behavior and STD rates, this survey underscores an urgent need for syphilis education appropriately tailored to the gay community." Researchers at the conference released several new studies confirming reports of increased STD risk behaviors and infections among men who have sex with men (MSM) in certain U. Many researchers also called for new and effective approaches to prevent STDs among MSM.

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Twelve percent of HIV-negative men and 20 percent of HIV-positive men said they had used methamphetamines, and 37 percent of HIV-negative men and 53 percent of HIV-positive men said they had used amyl nitrate (commonly known as "poppers").

Increasingly, the Internet has become a focal point for more widespread communication linking potential sexual partners, a matter of concern for public health officials.

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These programs will address the unsafe sexual practices and complacency that have resulted, in part, from advances in treatment, and help men to establish and maintain safer behaviors over a lifetime. The study found that many MSM in the county reported having unprotected sexual intercourse, and that many were infected with an STD.

Among MSM who reported having anal sex during the preceding two months, 43 percent reported either "never" or only "sometimes" using condoms.These respondents were overwhelmingly male (71.2 percent), well educated (50 percent had college degrees) and white (81.3 percent).When respondents did have Internet partners, those partners were predominantly male (63.4 percent).However, this trend began to reverse as gonorrhea rates among MSM in the county increased from 225 cases per 100,000 in 1997 to at least 475 cases per 100,000 in 1999.By comparison, in 1999 the gonorrhea rate in the remainder of the county's population was approximately 44 to 49 cases per 100,000.In that coming-of-age indie comedy, out this Friday, Offerman and Mullally play parents of separate kids who run away to build a house in the woods.