The charge stemmed from a Saturday incident, when Vermont State Police pulled over Laws while he drove on Route 105 in Sheldon following reports of a car operating erratically.

Upon further investigation, VSP found Laws to be driving with a criminally suspended license.

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The victim of the assault, Susan Russell of the Mad River Valley area, was among those thinking about the future as indicated in an email interview with the this morning.

Laws was arraigned in Franklin County Superior Court, Criminal Division yesterday on a charge of driving with a criminally suspended license, to which he pleaded not guilty.

According to court affidavits, Laws told police he thought his license was only suspended civilly, though DMV records show his license was suspended criminally on Feb. Court documents show that Laws told a state trooper that he felt it was worth the risk to drive on Saturday since the erratic operation had happened when his girlfriend, who had been driving, was not feeling well.

The two were allegedly on their way back from eating lunch in Newport.

“I’m ready to proceed today but I’d like a quick moment with the state’s attorney,” Laws told Arms.

“I’d like to resolve [my charge] in the present moment.” When Laws returned to the room, Arms asked him if he reached an agreement with a state’s attorney. He entered his not guilty plea, and Arms asked him if he wanted to be represented by an attorney.

At the moment, he has no home, money or job, and he has no DOC supervision or guidance since he maxed out his sentence. Currently Laws’ address is listed at “General Delivery, Burlington, Vermont” and he said he was released from prison last week with just 0.

He said he received that money thanks to his caseworker and the Northern Correctional Facility Superintendent Shannon Marr.

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“I wanted to plead [guilty] but they wanted jail time,” said Laws.