Online solicitation of a minor is an internet sex crime and may be charged as a federal offense.This offense involves certain specific law enforcement tactics and strategies.A Maryland solicitation of a minor lawyer can protect your rights through the investigation and criminal justice process, and can aggressively handle your defense against charges of solicitation of a minor.

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While a person may think he or she is chatting with a teenager, he or she is really speaking with an undercover officer.

However, when these operations are not conducted to specific standards, there may be the possibility of an entrapment defense, which could lead to an invalidation of all criminal charges.

To further complicate matters, my client is a foreign national who is married to an American citizen and has two American born children.

Although he does have a green card, he never bothered to become an American citizen and is thus subject to deportation should he be convicted.

In the affidavit in support of the search warrant, the detective writes that he knows through his training, knowledge and experience that “Child Preferential Sex Offenders” will have collections of child pornography magazines, computer images, photos or digital images of unclothed children or children engaged in sex acts, personal items from other victims, lists of people with whom they share these images, etc.

After a thorough search of my client’s house and computer, the police found exactly none of the things that the detective “knows” through his training, knowledge and experience that Child Preferential Sex Offenders” will have in their possession.

An experienced Maryland solicitation of a minor lawyer will understand how law enforcement officers conduct the investigation, the common mistakes officers can make that can jeopardize the government’s case, and what defenses may be available.

With national media and public scrutiny focusing on “online predators,” law enforcement frequently establishes sting operations with agents posing as minors online.

My client arrives at the meeting place but just drives through the parking lot. He drives through and exits at which point the police pull him over and arrest him. My client gives a recorded statement in which he maintains that he never thought the person he was chatting with was a child, but instead was an adult women playacting as many people do in these chat rooms.