“If your life is one long success story it won’t make for a good read. We all have ups and downs, trials and tribulations, failures and triumphs: we just hope to come out stronger on the other side.” What follows is some sound advice Branson shares about what it means to be an entrepreneur.Generally, we like to work fast: try ideas, see if they stick, and, if they don’t, quickly move on to the next one.

It may be controversial to say it, but there is no job more important than being an entrepreneur.

When you analyze everything about the world and all the improvements that get made, almost without exception, it is an entrepreneur that has made them.

Making lists is both a way of remembering things and of ticking off achievements to make progress.

Without notes and follow-ups, chances are nothing would get done.

Most people who behave in this autocratic way get their comeuppance.

I know I am not better than anyone else, so I take a different road.

Auktion & Markt AG is a medium size, owner-operated company.

Its core business is the marketing of used vehicles throughout Europe in online and live auctions.

But in every aspect of my life—building businesses, raising a family, embarking upon adventures—I try to do things for the first time every day.” His child-like, curious approach to life has served him well.

In Finding My Virginity, Branson shares his ups and downs in his entertaining, candid style.

My worry is that people will get bored of onions and move on to carrots instead, putting your onion out of business.