You just can't sweep everything under the carpet, the way it was dealt with.

Even the Western-educated Malay still subscribes to the belief in black magic (or voodoo).

Some Malay girls when their boy friends leave them would seek the help of a local bomoh to cast a spell on their oppositie sex just to get even!

The case drew attention for the length of time it took to prosecute the men. It also highlighted issues of how race is dealt with in prosecutions.

'Sincere regrets' The court determined that Attwater had performed a violent sexual act on Ms Daly that caused her serious injuries while she was too intoxicated to consent.

Making matters worse, I had just been struck by a horrible realisation: my brand-new Go Pro that I had purchased just for Antarctica was missing, along with two months' worth of panoramic photos of my ongoing travels through South America. To add to that, I was running late for the last bus that would take me to Ushuaia.

I had left it on a rock when I had stopped for a snack an hour ago in the middle of the hike. The bus would leave in an hour, and I had another two hours worth of trekking to do to get to the bus stop. If I fail to catch the bus, I can kiss my ship, my money plus all my hopes and dreams goodbye. However, on this momentous day, I miraculously made it to the port just in time (albeit with sore legs and bruises on my feet from all the panicked running I did).

Thus the writer of this book comes into usefulness to those who are currently going research in Malay magic in Malaysia today and even though the book was written a long time ago, its findings have still relevance in today's Malaysia which is seething with political and racial polarization and jealousies among its politicians to unseat one another via black magic...!

I, a former Malaysian, is buying this book in order to learn more about the current superstition and black magic rivalries among the politicians and bureaucrates so that their bad deeds and especially corruption are not revealed by rivalers and archenemies...!

Don't pretend for a minute that the native (Malay) folks are really dedicated to their acquired official religion called Islam as belief in supernatural force is very common and practiced throughout the countryside.