That said, Koreeda's only made four fiction films so far, all three that I've seen very much worth watching.

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He is living in a dilapidated tenement house, in the poor quarters of the city of Edo.

His neighbors in the so-called "row houses" are all good, solid folk who can never even hope to rise out of the squalor of their surroundings.

After repeat viewings of Kore'eda's first four, it has become my favorite; a real masterpiece. After Life might be the most "idea" oriented, not that it wasn't a great film, but after repeated viewings, Distance and Maboroshi are just so beautifully put together.

After many viewings I can see why the film might be seen as unmarketable, and it seems to have been very much ignored, but it would be a great contemporary film for Criterion or Palm to pick up... I hope his documentaries become available soon, and I look forward to this new film, though I'm expecting a dissapointment (partly because I feel lower expectations might help)..

But it's a-ok, though I included the spoiler tag for a reason... *Genre: SAMURAI DRAMA*Director/Writer: Hirokazu Kore-eda (Nobody Knows, After Life)*Projected release for 2006.