" Street slang coming from a Chelsea girl caused a stir amongst the viewers and a Twitter account was even created called 'Lucy Watson Grill'.Never afraid to speak her mind both on screen and off, she got off to a rocky start with her cast mates.

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It's all pretty intense, but the movie is so slick and thoughtful that teens may come away thinking about the ideas more than the iffy content.

" /Through its sci-fi concept (and in between fights, shoot outs, and chases), the movie makes several interesting, thoughtful pronouncements: that humans are currently more concerned with having than with being, that nothing ever truly dies, that ignorance creates chaos but knowledge does not, and that we as humans have the capability to change things.

In the fifth series in 2013, she began dating fellow cast mate Spencer.

Despite the Chelsea playboy's reputation as a womaniser, they fell in love and were rarely seen apart, making their first public appearance as a couple at the BAFTA awards in May.

Lucy meets Tom in "The Master Plan" after he came to the bar to settle his tab from the night before, when he unsuccessfully attempted to pick up several girls by buying drinks for them.

Rather than try to pick up Lucy like the other girls, he simply acts like himself, and the two end up hitting it off and started dating.

She drinks a shot of whisky with the bad guy while preparing to become a drug mule. The violence gets fairly graphic, with lots of shoot outs and blood splattering everywhere.

The plot concerns fictitious drugs and using drug mules to smuggle them, which requires some bloody operations to get them in and out of people's bellies.

The main female character is manhandled, punched, and kicked, and she also kills some bad guys without consequence.