As Yousuf Idris wrote on Karachi Tonite: "Welcome to the future, online dating really does exist!Ever wonder what exactly goes on in all those chat rooms?

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"i am a nice good girl of 24 years old looking for my life partner," writes juliet4u on this site, which seems to be fairly active. On the issue of freedom of marriage, "The process of mate selection should be a function of a healthy balance between the freedom of choice of the would-be-spouses and consideration of the influence and consent of the parents/guardians.

"i m looking female from karachi for dating and fun," writes shbkpk Yahoo Com, a 27-year-old Piscean male. "The freedom of choice of those who wish to get married should not preclude the influence and consent of the parents/guardians nor should the parents/guardians ignore the wishes and consent of the would be spouses.

As in old Japan, the arranged marriage still rules here.

In rural areas, women live very much like the slaves subject to the males, the fathers, brothers and husbands.

Nightclubs are considered by many to be (prohibited).

You could probably find more nightclubs in a small section of the United Arab Emirates, than you would in the whole of Pakistan.Its therefore my conclusion that Karachi girls are ofcourse the most beautiful (you can call them 'sexy' if you want) owing to the fact that they represent such a vast area and culture of the whole subcontinent of south Asia .....not just Pakistan..." Of course the Lahore versus Karachi bitchfeud has raged for a long time in Pakistan, and it is not my place to take sides (I will leave that to all the commentators at such sites as Karachi Metblogs.) Great cities always have rivalries (witness the rivalry between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur).I am more interested in the great rift which divides Pakistani cities from the countryside.Pakistani Single spells it out thus: "Karachi roads may be filled with young couples from local colleges enjoying joyrides.Some non-resident Pakistanis maybe exporting young Pakistani women from their home lands in semi-arranged marriages.