Martin wrote a brief report of his December 2000 but pressure of work meant it was delayed (added 22nd February 2001).Colin Churcher has sent me an account of his trip there in 1995.Certainly it appears that operations have resumed in 2012 (see below and also Richard Wallace's November 2012 report, 17th December 2012) La Trochita's own website is now the timetable is here

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Fabrice Lanoue spent a week in the country in April 2011, he has produced a two part illustrated report which includes an eye witness account of a spectacular derailment on the Esquel line (updated with a video link, 28th June 2011), click here for the second part (17th May 2011).

Following the derailment, I understand that trains were suspended pending an enquiry, Richard Wallace tells me (31st July 2011) that the management had told him that they expected to be running trains again in August or maybe September 2011.

Thanks to Hans Schaefer for tipping me off on this one (19th July 2012). Getting up-to-date information on the Esquel operation has never been easy, but Chris Lewis has emailed me the current (early 2005) schedule.

David Thornhill points out that the UK's Railway Gazette reported an allocation of just over GBP 1 million to renovate the line, welcome, but realistically this is small beer for such a long line (18th October 2007). I have made this available as a PDF file (15th December 2004).

A set of pictures is now also available on this site (extra picture, 20th June 2015).

Progress is such that 119 has now had its boiler refitted as seen in these pictures supplied by Shaun Mc Mahon (28th August 2015).I have now added two press releases and more pictures on progress from June and August 2015 (updated 14th September 2015).119 has now been successfully steamed and has gone home where it will undergo more testing before entering service. v=Sz6Nj Qrw5XQ is now available (3rd November 2015).Manfred Schoeler sent me a report of his visit in August and September 1996 with two of his pictures.See also the TUT report (3rd Dec 1998) for details of then current activity.Shaun Mc Mahon is reported to be working on the project which will see 116 (actually 107) and then 119 returned to service.