The On Selecting event is raised before every database operation which can be used in our case to call the SP and populate the result.

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It is possible to configure the LINQData Source to use stored procedures instead of the default LINQ to do the database interactions through the LINQ to SQL classes.

Moving forward, we will use stored procedures with LINQData Source control in 3 different scenarios, The LINQData Source control exposes many events before and after databinding which gives us the flexibility to do some business logic or other required operations during the databinding.

In this article, we’ll visit three ways to populate a Drop Down List control by binding to a data source.

We’ll cover the simple, the direct, and the 3-tier enterprise method. NET Drop Down List with LINQ is by indicating directly in the ASPX file itself, where the datasource is and what fields to bind to. NET 3.5 web application through the use of the Linq Data Source control.

NET 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, and LINQ, there is a whole new way of working with the data layer in C# ASP . Prior to LINQ, many developers would either generate or custom-code a data layer based upon the usage of Sql Connection, Sql Command, and Data Reader objects to manipulate data.

With LINQ and LINQ to SQL, we no longer need to rely on the details of the connection objects and can instead begin thinking more abstractly by using the pre-generated LINQ business objects and the data access layer.I got into problem while preparing this demo since I missed the Edit Item Template (this template is responsible to take the values from controls and mapping them to the datasource). The Linq Data Source objects will point to the Adventure Works dbml that we have created. The listview control will have the datasource id pointing to the Linq Data Surce and their templates are defined with their controls as follows. The users can enjoy editing the data directly as excel files and can select multiple records and delete them. So enjoy using this wonderful Grid control and let me know your thoughts on this. Now browse the server explorer and drag and drop the table into the DBML layer. Config file will now have the Connection Strings updated due to LINQ Data Context. Place the Listview control and Linq Data Source control from the Data Controls section in the toolbox. (I could not remember it was me who wrote on here last year! The User's of this demo can customize this according to their server settings. The List View control as is said previously is a templatedriven control. )I had this error again today for some reason: Could not find a row that matches the given keys in the original values stored in View State .... There is lot of web resources available about List View. S I am getting this error on the line:listview Reports. Data Item Index); Could not find a row that matches the given keys in the original values stored in View State.