To draw a line here, offers which are confirmed to have been purchased at least by a single non-French payment system are shown while providers requiring French-only requisites are taken off the list.Please have this in mind, when you add an offer, that it needs to be accessible for foreigners too.

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In some rural areas the "F-CONTACT" network is shown, which is a common 2G/3G network of all four operators in the countryside that can be used without additional fees.

Up-to-date coverage maps in 2G, 3G and 4G provided by the network operators can be found here: There is also a map of all base stations by all carriers in France together with the frequency they are transmitting at.

On the other hand you get your number, before you depart and your card is activated to use your service as soon as you arrive.

To buy a SIM from an Orange Boutique (store locator) in France for 3.90 EUR, you must bring your ID card or passport to register. The bonus of that is that the card will work straight away and has 5 EUR credit.

This is because many locals prefer contracts (called forfaits, see below) to prepaid SIM cards.

Unfortunately, most operators ban foreigners from subscribing to a contract.

The problem is the payment system that is often not accessible to foreigners without French credit cards or bank accounts.

Creating a French payment system will set you back more than 40 EUR.

You will need to show a photo ID at point of purchase to activate SIM cards in France, as it is a legal requirement. This French particularity called "forfait sans engagement" = rolling contract or auto-renewing monthly offer is featured in the following articles and needs some explanation for non-French visitors.