Lorenza and Mariano debrief about the nights events. Virginia and Lorenza cries as Mariano lets the Doctor in who examines him and calls an ambulance: Augustine appears to have had a stroke.She gloats over the humiliation Fer and Esme received but Mariano counters that Pablo and Esme defended their love and the ones humiliated were the Martinez Negretes. Fernando and Damian have a confab in the study which serves simply to confirm that Augustine will not escape the wrath of Fernando, the venganza will continue!

He hears her calling him the devil as he recounts all the unselfish acts of love he performed for her: putting her husband in prison and disappearing their baby and now she has the ingratitude to be with Fernando again. Oh, they’re just jealous now that you’re a beautiful princess Jarocha offers. She was so happy but now happiness seems impossible. No, he wants to clear his name and he must press on with his plan to punish the MN for he can pass over what they did to him but he can never forgive the harm they did to her. Esme helps to calm her and reassure her that if she sees a Doctor he can help her regain her memory and be happy again.

Pablo is thinking similar desperate thoughts at his parents home as Monica enters asking if he feels bad. Everything your parents did was for your good she offers. No says Pablo, I gotta think about ME and my happiness is Esmerelda and my children. Back to Esme and Jarocha who is arguing Fernando’s case for pressing on with the venganza. And Pablo must come to him and ask for Esme’s hand or (and he swears by Dios) he’ll not have her nor his children. Fela/Blanca is afraid, she doesn’t want Esme to go. Rita and her boyfriend provide a break from the high drama with his usual teasing and flirting and her half-hearted protests.

Lorenza remarks more to herself that she has a bad feeling that their misfortunes are not over and she fears the impact of tonight on Augustine: she’s afraid for his very life. As soon as she leaves Augustine opens his tear-filled eyes. Pablo is at Augustine’s bedside when Lorenza flies into the room, throws down her purse and rips into him. Between you and that woman you’ve almost killed your Father! ” Mariano is ineffective in squelching her rant and a Doctor has to come in to demand the yelling stop, that Augustine’s health comes first and if they can’t respect that they can all leave!

Cut to Augustine lying in bed, he’s eye clenched tightly but it’s not the shame of welcoming “La Gata” into his home that he bemoans, it’s the shocking reappearance his long lost love, Blanca. Esme is furious she fumes to Jarocha their common cowardice for defending their love against the bitter rejection she feels from the high society folks and the divisive force of their families mutual hatred. Back at Fernando’s Meche tries to plead the case that everything would be easier if he would tell Esme that he and Blanca are her parents. Fela/Blanca in a beautiful purple dress, her hair cascading in loose dark curls like Esme’s wails that she’s afraid of the devil.

They return home, Esmerelda is at once dejected and angry, she accepts Blanca’s comfort but reproaches Fernando and runs up the stares.

Fer vows to Meche that he will avenge his daughter for the humiliation she suffered tonight.

Augustine is having none of it: I’d rather be dead he growls through his mangled mouth as he rolls away. Augustine wants to know where the action is against him and they try to dissuade him from thinking about it. She uses this opportunity to encourage her man to stretch the reach of his grubby grasp, to think of stealing things of greater value. Pablo is distraught: I’m bad, worried, sad, there are only shouts in my house. And I can't even blame it on the stroke, 'cause he's been doing that for...well, ever.

He roundly insults each of the children: spoiled, blind and lazy. Pablo is back in their special open air love shack. Pablo says Fernando won’t retire the complaint against my Father. I'm too tired to even work up a respectable amount of annoyance for Pablo. It could be "no" because neither of them was willing to confirm it publicly..then it could be "yes" because they'd already agreed between themselves that they were, and even if they didn't do the official "proposal" thing, neither of them broke it off either.

Esme stands and tells Fer it’s no use, they will never accept her.

Fer hisses to Esme that the MN’s have signed their death sentence.

Fela has no irreversible brain damage, no tumors, etc. She is the only one who has influence over this guy. Avances: Augustine cusses Pablo again, Monica kisses Pablo again in view of Esme across the street and she shouts back “Hasta Nunca” to him. You captured the whiplash roller-coaster tornado-ness of this episode. And then telling Esme that she has to call off Silencioso? Call for my grown son who lives at home or one of the staff to call? Then, together with my whole family, stand around and wring our hands as we wait for the doctor to come over.