Whitman T, Nicholson CF, Torres D, Lehmann J 2011 Climate change impact of biochar cook stoves in Western Kenyan farm households: System dynamics model analysis. Changes of biochar properties and effects on soil fertility were monitored as influenced by biotic and abiotic processes and additions of inorganic and organic fertilizers.

Results indicate that abiotic processes are more important than hypothesized in increasing cation exchange capacity of biochar surfaces.

emissions, as well as the stability of biochar and leaching of DOC into the subsoil.

Biochar obtained from C-3 plants was applied to savanna soil that is dominated by C-4 grasses, which allowed the tracing of the fate of applied biochar.

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Journal of Geophysical Research (Biogeosciences) 113, G02027.

Cheng CH and Lehmann J 2009 Ageing of black carbon along a temperature gradient. Field experiments were initiated to investigate the effects of biochar produced from corn stover on crop production and nutrient dynamics.

This project takes a comprehensive view at the entire biochar system, to generate transportation fuels, biochar, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve livelihoods in developing countries.

More information is available on a dedicated website.

This project looks at opportunities to optimize biochars as inoculant carriers to improve storage, survival and inoculation of crops with beneficial microorganisms such as rhizobia, myorrhizae or trichoderma.

The project also develops basic modeling tools for stove optimization, designs and tests stoves for emissions and adoption in Kenya.

Marco Rondon, TSBF CIAT (Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Programme at the Centro Internacional de Agricultura), Cali, Colombia, to test the effect of biochar applications on biological N fixation, soil fertility improvement, dinitrous oxide and methane emissions and growth of cerials, pasture as well as high-value horticultural crops in Colombia.