Meanwhile, Arthur depends on Doug for deoderant issues.

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Doug finds out that Carrie is working late for her boss, and he's starting to wonder why Carrie fell for him.

H tries to make it up to Carrie by going to a cello concert with her.

Afraid this might happen to Carrie, he tries to trick her into dieting with him.

When Carrie keeps skipping softball games with Doug and the guys, Doug wonders what's going on.

Doug & Carrie's next door neighbors, Tim & Dorothy give their beach house to them because they are getting divorced. Therefore Carrie gets Richie to hit on her so she'll feel better, but he ends up making her a one-night-stand and Dorothy is now more upset than before.

Carrie invites a friend and her husband to stay over for the Thanksgiving weekend, meaning Doug would probably have to entertain her husband, but Doug finds him dull, so after Spence & his mom get into a fight, Doug takes advantage and convinces Spence to ask to stay with Doug & Carrie Doug's bowling team bowls just for fun and is financially supported by the local ale house, but now they threaten to no longer support them if they continue to be on a constant losing streak.

Doug allows Ray Barone, a sportswriter (in this cross over from "Everybody Loves Raymond") to cheat off his test during a driving exam at the DMV and gets his license suspended and Ray tries to make it up to him In a Thanksgiving episode that takes place entirely in the supermarket, Carrie follows a woman around trying to get recipes & hints for preparing an entire Thanksgiving dinner; Doug meets up with someone he doesn't know but claims to know him; Arthur meets a love interest Doug subscribes for a sports game on PPV not realizing it's the same night as Carrie's birthday.

Luckily for Doug, Carrie is depressed about her new age, so Doug makes up a lie about having plans, but soon his karma gets the best of him and he slaps together a quick birthday party. Valentine's Day, Arthur attends a party at his senior center and meets a woman (real-life wife Anne Meara) and the two begin a love affair.

However, to spite her, Doug not only agrees to take Arthur along, but invites Spence as well.