I took my new Old Town Discovery 119 on its maiden voyage today, in early April, and I was pleased.

The first hour long trip around a small lake was pleasant and uneventful. I returned to the boat launch and attached a webbed backrest to the seat, which really enhances comfort. mushroom anchor and one ultra-light spinning rod and reel.

I carried a small assortment of tackle in a plastic box in one of the pockets of my fishing life vest.

In summary, I think the Old Town Discovery 119 is a great little canoe.

It is light enough for an old guy to manage, performs acceptably on quiet water, and meets my expectations.

really needs to filter rage-reviews from unhappy buyers that clearly did not chose the right canoe. And let the frustration go out in the review of the product.

But this in the end helps none of us, thus eliminating the whole purpose of making reviews.

Not a huge difference but still good to be aware of, I think.

The 119 as it comes is not perfect for my application, it is a bit of a tight squeeze for my pup and he wound up always being on my feet and constantly in the path of my double bladed paddles travel.

I cut the metal plates in two parts and riveted together.