The chronological development of the university, which was renamed the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1954, can be divided into three stages, each covering a period of approximately 25 years.During the first stage of its operation (1926–1950), the development focused on those Schools which were generally accepted as constituting one educational Institute, namely the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, the Faculty of Law and Economics, the School of Theology and the Medical School.The refugees welcome map will continuously be updated with new initiatives, which are collected through a short survey.

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In more detail, the Departments of Pharmacy and Dentistry were founded in 19 respectively and they were incorporated into the Medical School.

Moreover, the Faculty of Philosophy was expanded by integrating the Institutes of Foreign Languages (English, French, German and Italian).

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was founded in 1925 during the premiership of Alexandros Papanastassiou and was legislated under Law 3341/14-6-25.

It was the second Greek university to be founded after the University of Athens, which was established in 1837.

Therefore, for the first fifty years of its operation the Aristotle University consisted of two distinct institutes which operated independently.

Subsequently, these two educational institutes where unified.

The first stage of development ended with the foundation of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1950, which was the only faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Greece for many years.

After this period, some of the aforementioned faculties were extended by integrating more departments.

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The various Schools within the Faculty of Engineering were founded in the following order: School of Civil Engineering (1955–56), School of Architecture (1956–57), School of Rural and Surveying Engineering (1962–63), School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (1972–73), School of Chemical Engineering (1972–73), School of Mathematics, Physics and Computational Sciences (1982–83) and School of Urban-Regional Planning and Development Engineering (2004).