I kept it to myself for two years and you can hear these tiny infant coos on the recording.” She begins to well up and I ask if she wants a break. I’ll blame it on the jetlag, or my total maternal love, but he was such a rare light in the midst of a season that was just so dark and so hard.”“Sweet Love of Mine” has an R&B beat overlaid with a lullaby song.The lyrics seem to hark back to Williams’ beginnings making modern Christian music for the Reunion label.

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But the band’s deterioration began two years before.

Joy Williams and John Paul White’s final gig was at the Roundhouse in Camden, London, in 2012.

Williams showed him some of the 50 songs she’d been writing since The Civil Wars’ break-up and he told her: “You’re so afraid to say something wrong that you’re gonna end up saying nothing at all.”“That’s when I cried,” she says, “and he is such an evolved man that he just let me cry and when I had done ugly crying he asked what song I wanted to write and I said, ‘I would just love to write a happy song and one day I will.’ That was a chapter I needed to get to.” There’s a beautifully soulful number on the album called “Sweet Love of Mine”, which was written for her son, who is now two.

“I remember being out in the porch in July with Miles all squishy and pink and asleep in my arms and I felt this melody come to me, which doesn’t happen to me a lot, not at all, and I quickly picked up my phone to record it.

On her old album covers she looks like a different person – a soft round face, light blonde hair, ridiculously wholesome.

She’s 32 now, strikingly beautiful and thin, with a Hollywood smile and huge brown eyes. “When the band imploded it wasn’t just a business implosion, it was a massive life disruption in every way and our marriage was almost a casualty of that.

On-stage chat was frosty and they announced on Facebook almost as soon as the gig was over that they had cancelled their tour, citing “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition”.

They proceeded to make a second self-titled album together, but they weren’t speaking to each other at the time.

Williams would leave the studio every 45 minutes to feed her newborn son, Miles. I personally felt like John Paul was more of the ilk that things would happen organically and ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.” In August last year they announced their split.