It’s one thing to stand up for yourself and advocate for your own interests.

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Nerd Love, both here and at Kotaku start off the same way: “I’ve never had a girlfriend”.

Many my readers have a lot of anxiety over finding their first relationship.

The writing and acting is effective in representing the complex contrast between human values ​​and the pursuit of success.

The story narrative is told from the perspective of an outsider who is totally alien to this world he is at first so happy to be a part of.

See, much like the popped-collar Broseph who’s convinced that doing “Straight Out of Compton” at the Applebees karaoke night is a good idea after five Tuaca bombs, when you’re in the throes of your first relationship, your common sense tends to go right out the window. Those early glory days fade faster than you realize.

That rush means in the oxytocin haze, but falls apart when it fades and her inability to clean up after herself isn’t cute anymore. Just don’t let that early infatuation push you into going too far, too fast. In fact, let’s talk about that for a minute: One thing that almost always freaks out relationship newbies: the first fight.

"The Truth About Angels" is a very powerful film for its themes and for the way that it is shot.

It is a disturbing glimpse into the lives of elite youths in Los Angeles, and sheds considerable psychological insights into their characters.

you name it, I’ve heard from someone being afraid of getting tricked into it.

people out there who prey on the inexperience of their partners in order to manipulate and control them.

Don’t let the anger blind you to the care and affection and trust you have for your partner…