The Medically Integrated Crisis Community Support (MICCS) team takes a multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients with significant behavioral, emotional and medical disorders who tend to rely on hospitals for their basic psychiatric, medical, shelter and other basic needs.Patients with acute mental and behavioral illnesses often face barriers, including lack of access to health care, housing and food security, that prevent them from leading safe, healthy and stable lives.

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Professional interests: Crisis intervention cognitive behavioral therapy with adolescents and adults; domestic violence; psychiatric assessment; brief treatment and complex discharge planning in the emergency department and on medical floors.

Professional interests: Crisis Assessment, de-escalation, and brief treatment within an integrated health system; working with individuals, families, and children; motivational interviewing, substance abuse, traumatic grief and palliative care.

Professional interests: Teaching Elder of the Chicago Presbytery, communion and prayer support, spiritual care, adaptive living skills, coping skills, bridging to natural supports, community case management and crisis intervention.

Professional interests: Crisis intervention and assessment, integrated modalities of treatment for nutrition and wellness practices across mental health and substance abuse diagnosis, treatment for children and persons with autism spectrum disorders and other cognitive impairment as well as their caregivers, and provide an integrated approach of use cognitive behavioral techniques, developmental and systems theories.

Secondary language: Spanish Specialized Training: Certified Solution Focused Practitioner Professional interests: Substance abuse treatment, across the lifespan, family therapy, community outreach regarding substance abuse, prevention and intervention.

Professional interests: Adolescent and adult psychotherapy, family therapy, couples therapy, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapies, mood disorders, addictions/dual-diagnosis, personality disorders, clinical supervision Secondary language: Spanish Specialized Training: Certified Solution Focused Practitioner Professional interests: Individual and family therapy with children, adolescents and adults; crisis intervention; treatment of ADHD and behavior disorders; parent training and children's social skills groups; solution focused brief treatment, motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

MICCS initiatives include a clinic where patients can get injections of long-acting psychiatric medications, telepsychiatry services, and a partnership with Cook County Court Services for assisted outpatient treatment and peer support recovery, among others.

The MICCS team also works closely with key community organizations, including the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, to deliver help to those who need it most.

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