Some of them work better than others -- no wonder, for he was experimenting with all of cinema's possibilities -- but many are masterpieces, and Pierrot is the crown jewel.

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Pierrot is one of cinema's essential films, perhaps because it came at the precise moment when Godard hit his all-time peak.

Made in 1965, it came during the eight-year period ('59-'67) during which the man made a jaw-dropping fifteen films.

The first three letters "OAS" are in red, and this is a reference to the French paramilitary organisation, OAS, which tried to prevent the independence of the French colony of Algeria.

See more ยป Jean-Luc Godard's Pierrot le Fou begins with a montage that features some of the most beautiful images ever caught on film.

Bizarre musical numbers and hilarious conversations with no relevance to the plot sometimes break up the story.

Characters talk to the camera, and Pierrot yells "Mais, je m'appele Ferdinand! ")Still, plot hardly seems to matter while watching the film. That's not true, however, and Pierrot is, above all, wild, anarchic fun.

Ferdinand Griffon is married with his wealthy Italian wife and has been recently fired from the television station where he worked.

His wife forces him to go to a party in the house of her influential father that wants to introduce Ferdinand to a potential employer.

While confusing and ridiculing the police with his strange behavior, he calmly ...