This issue may have been fixed by the team anyway, possibly, but the recent comment from Ed, seems to point otherwise.

It seems that it doesn’t affect other parts of the library, but I’m not sure I can trust that for sure.

This is a major issue since I have several i Devices and switching to another application is basically out of the question for the moment.

i Tunes 11.1 is basically useless for podcasts now, see below] I have been using i Tunes since version 1 or 2. While I don’t save every episode from every podcast I have ever had, I do save some of them, which means I have literally years of archived podcasts.

Or rather, I should say that I HAD years of archived podcasts.

This is why this kind of bug is so amazingly critical to catch and why missing it is not a small issue, but a catastrophic one for an ISV or IHV.

If you are a long-time user of i Tunes, beware 11.1, and everyone should have MULTIPLE backups of their files, for just this kind of event.DO NOT UPGRADE TO ITUNES 11.1 IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO PODCASTS!At this point, I once again have to completely reconstruct my podcast library due to poor Apple engineering.] [Update September 23rd – The Situation is even worse than I thought. When they added podcast support, I switched from the podcatcher I was using to i Tunes and have been using it ever since to sync my podcasts.The response (not official, just person-to-person, second hand) was that this wasn’t an issue they thought was affecting many users and therefore it wasn’t a major priority for the team.That may be true (as an engineering leader, I’ve made that decision myself a few times), but as a user it is creating massive problems for, it is of little comfort.I am pretty certain this problem didn't exist for me before Itunes 12.