What do you look to when you need to get pumped up during warm-ups pregame or to lift weights?

The most effective option for many athletes is to play music.

Coming from the lower rungs of society, the environment many rap artists are groomed in is not for the faint of heart and can instill a mean streak strictly in the name of survival.

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They stand out for being especially hackneyed, or just plain old or not very good: "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins Any song from the "Rocky" franchise (used by at least four fighters)"Enter Sandman" by Metallica"Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed"I Gotta Feelin'" by the Black-Eyed Peas Actually, anything by the Black-Eyed Peas For that matter, anything by Kid Rock, too. Attending and watching sporting events is supposed to be a fun thing. Second, Hulk Hogan's theme song was the first theme song in the history of theme songs.

Last used at: UFC 105 I can just hear the hardcore fans now."How can you put a pro wrestling homage atop a list of MMA songs?!?!?! Maybe not technically, but it definitely took entrance music to a new and higher stratum. And yes, I realize it's a different sport—and not really a sport at all, if you want to get technical—but I applaud, not deride, Lawlor's decision to use this song in an MMA context.

And within the world of hip-hop, the code of the streets dictates that disrespect is not to be tolerated and no slight is to be taken lightly, which accounts for many of the threats, taunts and vows of vengeance that litter many of our favorite rap records.

Music can help you cope with your feelings after a bad break up; it can also assist you in wallowing in self-pity after a bad break up. We want to be somewhere else: waking up in a new Bugatti (instead of on a used futon), listening to Boo & Gotti because you set your alarm ringer to "Fiesta (Remix)," popping bottles instead of not-yet-ready whiteheads, hanging out with beautiful models instead of masturbating at 3 am to some girl you kind-of-know's public Facebook photos. Hey rap's got that, too.) Real life is often tragic and sad, but rap can teleport you elsewhere for 16 bars. Then toss on a song with violent overtones and pretend to be a gangbanger.

French Montana starts looking pretty good, despite inching no closer to Eminem’s title at his peak.

Love is pain, and also blind, so sometimes these fans lose faith in the object of their admiration in the first place.Throughout the history of hip-hop, rappers have crafted riveting songs with many twists and turns to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.From the takeover of the West Coast, which brought us legends like Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and 2Pac, to the renaissance that took place on the East Coast during the middle of the decade, birthing supreme talent like Nas, Jay Z and the Notorious B. G., various trends, movements and even the sound has gave way to the evolution of hip-hop.But one thing that remains constant are the emotion rap artists convey.Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track and soccer—yes, even soccer—players, can harness the adrenaline rush they trigger listening to these songs to receive a physical edge during competition. There are three classifications of pump-up songs: First, there's the "inspirational" track.