Nothing big like earning one million or one billion dollars, but still things I’m proud to have achieved nonetheless.

Though a young CEO (no more than 50), he looked out of place. He brought home the bacon but he was the perpetual outsider.

He wore shorts and he was in a pair of Nikes, but it wasn't the clothes that set him apart, it was the way he wore them. Part of me felt bad as he squirmed in his cargo shorts constantly tugging at the hems.

He really was trying his best to fit in - and that’s just the problem.

Millennials in the workplace intimidate people, even though none of us really considers ourself a millennial. Getting in touch with the millennial generation is not about motivating an alien race.

It was an open floor plan, with exposed brick and exposed wires, and a table dedicated to jigsaw puzzles--all the start-up boxes checked.

An office of bearded, barefooted, and blithe individuals all under thirty, save one. Starting the new job was the first of two big life events last week.

Not wanting to seem too formal, I wore a patterned button down and a pair of jeans.

When the doors opened to my new office and I discovered that this outfit put me in the top percentile of best dressed, I strode in.

Hence, I’m frequently singled out by others for my accomplishments and for being a driven and “fearless” person.