Well we are getting close to the end of the tutorial series.

But what if you want to change the font to something more obscure, that might not be on everyone's PC?

Skin Studio takes care of this by allowing you to include up to 5 different fonts that will be installed on the users system when the skin is installed.

In this configuration window you have a drop-down menu to select from the skin defined system colors, and the skin color presets.

In similar fashion as changing the fonts, selecting each of the color boxes will then show a description of where that color is used.

Don't forget, you can also change the names of the color presets for easy reference again.

You can also add your own custom color preset here by selecting the add new color preset button. There are new color options for Vista and in this window you can change those colors for the specific areas.

If you want to import the current system colors into this section, then you can do that by selecting the import existing system colors button at the bottom of the window.

Above the description you have the "Change color" button and the color picker, both of which will allow you to change the selected color.

Once you have the font set to your liking, click the OK button.

You can see a preview of the font you have selected in the preview window in the upper right hand side of the window.

The fonts in a visual style are just as important as any other graphical image you create. Well you don't have to as Skin Studio allows you to easily change the fonts in your skin.