If a server is not working well, it will be removed automatically from the pool.You should also ensure that you are communicating with the keyserver pool over an encrypted channel, using a protocol called hkps.Next, you should verify the certificate’s finger print.

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You will get access to this option after payment is confirmed.

In order to board the train you will need to have your ID (passport) with you.

In order to use hkps, you will first need to install gnupg-curl: Then, to use this keyserver pool, you will need to download the CA, and save it somewhere on your machine.

Please remember the path that you save the file to!

Anyone can upload keys to keyservers and there is no reason that you should trust that any key you download actually belongs to the individual listed in the key.

You should therefore verify with the individual owner the full key fingerprint of their key.

You can print your ticket any time before departure at any self-service terminal or ticket office.

We have gathered here a lot of information about configuring Gnu PG.

Electronic registration (online check-in) is available on selected trains.

In order to save time, we advise you to use the electronic registration system.

The best way to do this on Debian and Ubuntu is to use parcimonie: Parcimonie is a daemon that slowly refreshes your keyring from a keyserver over Tor -.