Then once I became older, Barney Stinson and his friends gave me dating advice. It’s no doubt the show has created a pop culture phenomenon composed of the character’s analogies and idiosyncrasies. ” in arguments with your friends, demanding the highest of fives, or making intervention banners, you might be among the TV viewer population that will suffer the greatest withdrawals when the show ends. But let’s look at some highlights from the show and some of the best advice Ted, Barney, and the rest have offered when dealing with the ups and downs of life and the turmoil that can come along the way of finding “the one”. While attempting to make a long distance relationship work with his girlfriend Victoria, Ted answers a call from Robin at two in the morning to help test her new juicer.Long story short, that’s how I met your mother.” Hopefully your story doesn’t take almost ten years to tell as Bob Saget. The call was brought on by Robin’s loneliness and vulnerability.

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Instead, he sided with “mystery,” embarrassing himself in the process. Get all the facts before you meet Janet or any other person you’d like to get to know better.

Who knows, you may actually find that you’re more alike than you think. Right could be part owner of your favorite baseball team.

But, Ted had already dug himself into a hole because he didn’t do any background checking, which actually backfired on him. The real question now is why wouldn’t you want to know more information, especially if you lead a pretty active online lifestyle?

Plus, in most cases, the people you meet online are the awesome, happy, non-scary type.

His friends Barney and Robin think he’s crazy, having done a lot of the heavy background checking for him in past, the kind of research that basically resembles an episode of CSI.

Nevertheless, Ted goes on his date “empty handed,” only to realize that he probably should have done a little Internet search on Janet because he’s having trouble getting the date started.

This finale honestly seemed so intense at moments I had trouble taking notes…so if I missed anything or got it off, just consider that your invitation to fill in the blank. ” I’m not sure they actually, physically said that but when I played it through in my head it had a female voice saying it.

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While you may still be sowing your wild oats just as the rest of the How I Met Your Mother characters seems to be settling down, let us not forget Barnacle’s sacred advice.