Though absentminded and possessing an extremely short attention span, Andy is shown to have a savant-like memory.For instance, he received the highest grade the police academy had ever seen on the written entrance test, has an uncanny ability to remember movies word for word, and is able to memorize a long list of facts for his feminist college class in the episode, "Smallest Park." Andy also had perfect SAT scores, but mentioned it was probably due to broken Scantron machines.Ann matured faster than Andy did; while Ann entered into a career in nursing, Andy was lazy and unmotivated.

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Before the start of the first season, a drunken Andy fell into a large construction pit and broke both his legs while attempting to retrieve a discarded toaster from the bottom of the pit.

Ann is at first unaware that Andy was drunk at the time of the fall, With both of Andy's legs in casts, Ann pampers him, bringing him food and letting him play video games all day.

At the beginning of season four, Tom asks Andy to join his new company.

He declines Tom's offer and instead joins Leslie's campaign as her assistant and head of security, a role he enjoys very much.

Andy also possesses a wild imagination, which helps him become a children's performer named Johnny Karate and then get his own children's television show.

Occasionally, Andy goes into character as his alter ego, FBI agent Burt Macklin, whenever he and April role play or to solve local mysteries.

Simultaneously, Ann begins to show similar feelings for Andy after her relationship with Mark ends.

At the end of the season, having broken up with Mark, Ann kisses Andy, who does not reciprocate.

When she finally returns from Venezuela, she arrives with a new boyfriend, Eduardo. In the episode "Time Capsule", Andy befriends Eduardo at the advice of Chris Traeger.

As a result, April begins hating her new boyfriend, and he moves back to Venezuela.

Andy considers suing the town with the hopes of getting money and winning Ann back, but Leslie convinces him to settle out of court in exchange for having the pit filled in.