A moving and uplifting drama about the effects of interracial marriage in the 1960s.

Friends since childhood, and loved by both families, this couple are exiled after their wedding and have...

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"Rutgers also happens to have a racially diverse population." About 45 percent of Rutgers' student population is white, while about 20 percent are Asian, 12 percent are Latino, 10 percent are African-American, six percent are international and seven percent are listed as other, according to the school's website.

Stanford University in California earned the second spot, followed by St.

Plus, there are more biracial people in the United States.

But, she stresses even though race might be the most obvious difference for an interracial couple, in most relationships, there are still more similarities.

See full summary » Director: Richard Friedenberg Epic television miniseries exploring the complicated relationship of Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemings, who conducted a 38 year love affair, spanning an ocean, ultimately producing children, grandchildren, and lots of controversy. See full summary » Director: Bernardo Bertolucci Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England.

Director: Charles Haid When an African dictator jails her husband, Shandurai goes into exile in Italy, studying medicine and keeping house for Mr. Director: Richard Curtis After a one night stand with Alex, Isabel realizes that she is pregnant and they decide to get married.

News 4 took the study to a professor at Lindenwood University in St. She said it makes sense that the two are connected, but doubts dating apps are the only reason for the shift.“If we look back 50 years, the biggest predictor of attraction and who we might date or start a relationship with was proximity, so physical distance,” said Afful.

“You were more likely to date someone who worked with you, went to the same school with you, lived in the same neighborhood as you.

However, along with the marriage comes compromise of one's own cultural traditions.

Director: Andy Tennant The Moorish general Othello is manipulated into thinking that his new wife Desdemona has been carrying on an affair with his lieutenant Michael Cassio when in reality it is all part of the scheme of a bitter ensign named Iago.

But now with social media and these dating apps, we have a much more diversified heterogeneous dating pool.