Even in Kamifornia its not that difficult to make one pass the CARB inspection.For the OP i think I would ditch the Bronco's BW t-case and just run a Chevy Np241 its equally just as strong, and tons of parts available for it.To do so in my experience is to get to yank it back out then later when actually using it, destroys it. What will the expense be to get it smogged properly?

If you cut down the entire cannabis plant, all you have to do is hang it upside down to dry.

The drying takes longer when you do it that way, but it’s easy to trim extra leaves and trim buds when the cannabis plant is hanging right in front of you.

As was stated above - wiring has been figured out & is "easy", and then fabbing mounts is no big deal. Hell, one could go put a flathead or better yet an aluminum block alfa romeo motor in the thing just to be different. More money spent most likely for less return or perfoarmance. There is a reason people are throwing LS stuff in everything...

All my stuff is pre smog now, so that part doesn't phase me. They are easy to find, cheap and put out good HP at a decent MPG.

Do you use the Ford fuel system (pumps and plumbing or do you have to use a pump controlled by the ls computer?

And then there are custom headers to make that clear the front suspension, if you have long travel shocks there already.In the wind I would love to build my 351w, but what has me thinking about an LS is the benefits I keep reading of power and MPG... For others, if you end up having to drop 5-7K on mis parts and install to get it going, then you have to ask yourself, is the additional 3-4 MPGs worth the expense (again, not saying it is or isnt... I can have a sbf built by one of the sbf masters, right down the street from me. team engines and hold the record for the most wheel h.p. Anyway don't wanna throw names around but basically a bad ass sbf 500 guaranteed crank HP.I know that's a silly statement considering what we all do with our trucks and if it were a dirt only toy I'd understand the chuckle, but my truck is a daily driver (when it runs LOL) and needs to be a do-it-all. just curious)I would totally put a turbo BMW engine in a truck and make some serious tire smoke. Full engine minus all accessories, headers, and fuel injection, engine management for about 6k Ok now let's hit the wallets hard this time. Should be quick with all the chevy laser cut parts for these engines on the self ready to go. Me and my engine guy discuss this quite often, the way he puts it: Chevy's are cheaper. If you got a brand new ls and put decent bearings in it you'll get 500000 miles of reliable hp. On and on I ask and every time he's days its a better starting platform period. Stock chevy manifolds and "custom exhaust"Custom engine and trans mounts. DMV/chp inspection or is this strictly an offroad toy?Finally it is boring, the L-series is swapped everything and has been done to death I wouldn't swap one into a GM product. and dull: now swapping a Coyote having driven it and the LS I’ll take the Coyote hands down! By the time you have the entire drive train you are 10k in the hole... would be curious to see those scenarios played out.