With her goddess looks, heavenly smile, and angelic personality, Suzy has become the entertainment industry's favorite.Seems like this girl was destined to be loved, so of course she would receive the same treatment anywhere she goes. Allkpop: A rebel, Despite their cute appearance and sweet mannerism they won't take crao from anybody. He's one of the sweetest and introvertest stars i know. They look good together& I think lulu really has something for seohyun.

With Joy's constantly cheery disposition, G-FRIEND's high-kicks, and Euijin's twerks combined, these fresh girls would make kickass team.

Now that we've run through the athletes, who else would make a better mascot than mukbang queen Hyeri?

There are so many FANCAMS that show them together glancing secretly at each other. Kyuhyun look normality if He near to another girl, but Seohyun? The best couple ever, even though their moment is so hardly to find, but their moment is so adorable and cute.

I love this maknae couple so damn much, Evil&Angel couple Pyrotechnics (Donghae & Yoona) Donghae and Yoona (Yoon Hae) are super real!

Despite their cute appearance and sweet mannerisms, these two strong idols are definitely no pushovers and won't take crap from anybody--whether from other students or from teachers. Vocally talented, Gongchan and Lee Hi would rule the school with their melodic voices.

A cutie and a total dork, TEEN TOP's Ricky would be the kind of guy that brightens up the room and makes everyone around him smile at his quirky antics, making him perfect for the role of "class clown." Last but not least, we have the teacher's pet--none other than miss A's Suzy!

On November 16, multiple broadcasting reps allegedly stated that she started officially filming for KBS 2TV's special sitcom, 'Brother Jeong Nam.' It's a special sitcom drama that is being produced by KBS for Hallyu fans all over the world! She can't act, her face remained the same throughout the entire drama, there was absolutely no emotion whatsoever.

A young man from the Netherlands falls in love with Hayoung at first sight and comes to Korea where he learns about the country and language from brother Jeong Nam. The drama will air via KBS World in December and will be broadcast through 100 countries! it was I who fell in love with Hayoung at first sight... Like literally you can go to any drama site and you'll see pretty much everyone saying the exact same thing.

Let's play a game of make-believe--if SOPA was an ordinary public school and you, a lucky fangirl, were to attend, which role would high school stereotypical role would each idol play?

Aside from being a wizard with his dancing feet, Kai gives off the confident air of a cocksure jock.

=( i flew from NYC to see her at KTF in LA where Apink performed only two songs smh lol and on Jan 5 in Texas =) .. And it's not like she "played the role so well that she got the audience to hate her", because I've seen many actors play loathable characters brilliantly.