Shazia's sister, Gauhar, becomes pregnant with Rizwan's child. On the day of Eid, Zain gets Rizwan and Aayat secretly married.During their engagement, Aaliya reveals the truth, and Rizwan and Aayat’s engagement breaks. Nafisa gets Suraiyya arrested but uses Aaliya’s name to lodge the complaint. Usmaan then dies and the blame falls on Aaliya, thus Zain gives her a divorce.Witnessing this, Shazia thanks Nafisa for saving her child and reveals how she planned to kill her unborn child.

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TV actor Harshad Arora bio data got its new definition when he won a modelling contest after which Harshad Arora ads and modelling assignments ushered in.

It was during this time Harshad decided to try his luck in Indian Television and chose the role of Zain from the show “Beintehaan” which was aired on Colors.

Fahad married twice because his first wife Nafisa didn't give birth to a son and his mother Suraiyya wanted a male heir.

Zain and Aaliya come closer and become friends when they help his brother who has landed in trouble with some goons.

Harshad Arora is the popular macho stud in Indian television who has conquered millions of hearts with much celebrated soap opera “Beintehaa”.

No wonder people are keen about TV actor Harshad Arora biography, Harshad Arora new shows and his career.Harshad Arora education has been acquired from the elite Delhi University. SC in maths and opted for a Master’s degree in PR and Advertising.He also worked in a PR agency prior joining television.Zain, a charming boy brat, and Aaliya, a cultured and pretty girl, have been rival cousins since childhood.Eventually, when they grow up and meet each other after several years, a series of misunderstandings leads to them being forced to marry.Once Aaliya is gone, Zain learns of her innocence, and regrets his actions. Here Zain is shown searching for Aaliya and finally finds her in Hyderabad, where she runs her own food stall with help from Rehan.