We love seeing everyone in costume and for all 3 nights – we have created themed costume nights for you to bust out your favorite onesie, spirit animal, tacos, pyjamas, hip hop gear, sailors outfit, or some very interesting swimwear’s to say the least.

As one music blog describes it, Tomorrowland is bigger, louder, harder and most definitely crazier than any other festival I’ve ever been to.

Fireworks synced with the drops of the tracks being played, floating stages in the middle of a lake, dancers dressed as fairytale characters next to the DJs, helicopters dropping flowers over the dancing crowd, soap bubbles in the air Electronic Dance Music devotees, festival fanatics, and whimsy lovers from over 220 countries around the world.

Tomorrowland is a full scale production with a ticket price ( Yet overall costs will vary wildly — from those traveling in from other parts of Europe and pitching a tent in general camping to someone flying in from across the world on a full service Global Journey package, the difference could be thousands of dollars.

I wrote a full post on my own personal cost breakdown from Tomorrowland, which totaled around $1,500.

Demand for Tomorrowland tickets is ridiculously high.

Billboard reports that the 360,000 tickets available for 2014’s two weekends sold out in under an hour.

K.'s album, You’re Not Alone, his first in 9 years, is set for release on March 2nd, and now we have "Music Is Worth Living For", the first song off the album.

“These songs on this album follow a surprising path to self-actualization,” Andrew W.

A total of 60,000 revelers per day over the three day weekend belies the oft-quoted number of 180,000 tickets sold per year.