Ford hired this group of bright young men—sometimes referred to as "Whiz Kids"—to help reinvigorate his family's company, which was going through difficult times. Mc Namara promoted numerous times and advocated for such changes as making small cars and increasing safety.He also became known as a gifted, innovative manager with strong organizational abilities. Kennedy tapped him to become his secretary of defense, looking to him to reorganize the country's defense program.The study covered from World War II to 1968 and contained many revelations about the extent of U. involvement in Vietnam during several administrations dating back to Harry S. Looking to take his life in a new direction, he resigned his position. Clifford took over as secretary of defense while Mc Namara focused on helping developing countries as president of the World Bank.

It was a well-earned reputation, and they repeatedly gave the Mediterranean world reason to fear them.

Celtic warriors stood a head taller than their Mediterranean opponents and are described as having muscular physiques.

To revitalize the military, he emphasized the need for traditional troops and military hardware as well as improved weapons systems.

The country had to be prepared for conventional and unconventional warfare, including guerilla warfare.

In 1960, Mc Namara became the first non-Ford family member to hold the position of president. Mc Namara officially took over the post in January 1961.

Set on improving how the Pentagon operated, Mc Namara helped establish planning and budgeting systems.

Mc Namara was an American business executive and the eighth U. secretary of defense, serving under presidents John F. In 1937, he graduated with a degree in economics from the University of California in Berkeley.

He is best known for helping lead the United States into the Vietnam War during the Kennedy Administration, an act for which he spent the remainder of his life wrestling with the moral consequences. Mc Namara is best known as the secretary of defense in the 1960s and as an important figure in the controversial Vietnam War.

He married Diana Masieri Byfield in September 2004.