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(Updated September 2017)The Samsung Galaxy S8 already has the best cellular signal performance of all devices I have tested, but there are still areas where coverage can be spotty.

With the Reach Case, calls are no longer dropped in these areas.

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But it's also a big power hog for those who have to work on laptops or tablets. The Zen Fone AR offers a unique augmented reality experience as the technology begins to mature.

The phone feels great with the leather back, looks fabulous with the high resolution Super AMOLED screen, and has the internal specs needed to power it for all business use.Google took a simple concept - text keywords - and became an Internet leader.In most markets, Google has the search market share lead and management is looking to expand into new markets.Samsung wants to be the smartphone brand for the enterprise and thanks to powerful communication consolidation apps like Samsung Focus, it's definitely doing what it needs to in order to gain followers.Google Chrome is a great browser that's used on more than half of the computers out there.Their proven matchmaking services and chat features have made it a hit with members and critics alike.