00-00-CF HAYES MICROCOMPUTER PRODUCTS 00-00-D0 DEVELCON ELECTRONICS LTD. 00-00-E1 GRID SYSTEMS 00-00-E2 ACER TECHNOLOGIES CORP. 00-00-F1 MAGNA COMPUTER CORPORATION 00-00-F2 SPIDER COMMUNICATIONS 00-00-F3 GANDALF DATA LIMITED 00-00-F4 Allied Telesis 00-00-F5 DIAMOND SALES LIMITED 00-00-F6 APPLIED MICROSYSTEMS CORP. 00-01-0E Bri-Link Technologies Co., Ltd 00-01-0F Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. 00-01-15 EXTRATECH CORPORATION 00-01-16 Netspect Technologies, Inc. 00-01-19 RTUnet (Australia) 00-01-1A Hoffmann und Burmeister Gb R 00-01-1B Unizone Technologies, Inc. 00-01-39 Point Multimedia Systems 00-01-3A SHELCAD COMMUNICATIONS, LTD. 00-01-4C Berkeley Process Control 00-01-4D Shin Kin Enterprises Co., Ltd 00-01-4E WIN Enterprises, Inc. 00-01-70 ESE Embedded System Engineer'g 00-01-71 Allied Data Technologies 00-01-72 Techno Land Co., LTD. 00-00-E3 INTEGRATED MICRO PRODUCTS LTD 00-00-E4 IN2 GROUPE INTERTECHNIQUE 00-00-E5 SIGMEX LTD. 00-00-F7 YOUTH KEEP ENTERPRISE CO LTD 00-00-F8 DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 00-00-F9 QUOTRON SYSTEMS INC. 00-01-1C Universal Talkware Corporation 00-01-1D Centillium Communications 00-01-1E Precidia Technologies, Inc. 00-01-3B BNA SYSTEMS 00-01-3C TIW SYSTEMS 00-01-3D Risc Station Ltd. 00-01-47 Zhone Technologies 00-01-48 X-tra Web Inc. 00-01-4F ADTRAN INC 00-01-50 GILAT COMMUNICATIONS, LTD. 00-01-57 SYSWAVE CO., LTD 00-01-58 Electro Industries/Gauge Tech 00-01-59 S1 Corporation 00-01-5A Digital Video Broadcasting 00-01-5B ITALTEL S.p. 00-01-5D Oracle Corporation 00-01-5E BEST TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 00-01-73 AMCC 00-01-74 Cyber Optics Corporation 00-01-75 Radiant Communications Corp. 00-01-CB EVR 00-01-CC Japan Total Design Communication Co., Ltd. 00-00-43 MICRO TECHNOLOGY 00-00-44 CASTELLE CORPORATION 00-00-45 FORD AEROSPACE & COMM. 00-00-46 OLIVETTI NORTH AMERICA 00-00-47 NICOLET INSTRUMENTS CORP. 00-00-59 HELLIGE GMBH 00-00-5A Sys Konnect Gmb H 00-00-5B ELTEC ELEKTRONIK AG 00-00-5C TELEMATICS INTERNATIONAL INC. 00-00-AA XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-AB LOGIC MODELING CORPORATION 00-00-AC CONWARE COMPUTER CONSULTING 00-00-AD BRUKER INSTRUMENTS INC. 00-01-E2 Ando Electric Corporation 00-01-E3 Siemens AG 00-01-E4 Sitera, Inc. 00-01-E6 Hewlett-Packard Company 00-01-E7 Hewlett-Packard Company 00-01-E8 Force10 Networks, Inc.

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00-02-68 Harris Government Communications 00-02-69 Nadatel Co., Ltd 00-02-6A Cocess Telecom Co., Ltd. 00-02-6C Philips CFT 00-02-6D Adept Telecom 00-02-6E Ne Ge N Access, Inc. 00-02-73 Coriolis Networks 00-02-74 Tommy Technologies Corp.

00-02-61 Tilgin AB 00-02-62 Soyo Group Soyo Com Tech Co., Ltd 00-02-63 UPS Manufacturing SRL 00-02-64 Audio 00-02-65 Virditech Co. 00-02-66 Thermalogic Corporation 00-02-67 NODE RUNNER, INC. 00-02-71 Zhone Technologies 00-02-72 CC&C Technologies, Inc. 00-02-77 Cash Systemes Industrie 00-02-78 Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. 00-02-7A IOI Technology Corporation 00-02-7B Amplify Net, Inc.

00-01-94 Capital Equipment Corporation 00-01-95 Sena Technologies, Inc.

00-02-06 Telital R&D Denmark A/S 00-02-07 Vision Global Network Corp. 00-02-09 Shenzhen SED Information Technology Co., Ltd. 00-02-0C Metro-Optix 00-02-0D 00-02-0E ECI Telecom, Ltd 00-02-0F AATR 00-02-10 Fenecom 00-02-11 Nature Worldwide Technology Corp. Landing a cheap holiday 2018 means you can concentrate on spending the extra cash on treating yourself on your break away. We know all the best family-friendly destinations where you can let the kids run wild while you concentrate on topping up your tan. We all love a bargain and there is a huge satisfaction of being able to lie on a Mediterranean beach smiling smugly safe in the knowledge you’ve got great value for money.00-00-86 MEGAHERTZ CORPORATION 00-00-87 HITACHI, LTD. 00-00-9A RC COMPUTER A/S 00-00-9B INFORMATION INTERNATIONAL, INC 00-00-9C ROLM MIL-SPEC COMPUTERS 00-00-9D LOCUS COMPUTING CORPORATION 00-00-9E MARLI S. 00-00-BB TRI-DATA 00-00-BC Rockwell Automation 00-00-BD MITSUBISHI CABLE COMPANY 00-00-BE THE NTI GROUP 00-00-BF SYMMETRIC COMPUTER SYSTEMS 00-00-C0 WESTERN DIGITAL CORPORATION 00-00-C1 Madge Ltd. 00-00-C3 HARRIS CORP COMPUTER SYS DIV 00-00-C4 WATERS DIV. 00-00-C6 EON SYSTEMS 00-00-C7 ARIX CORPORATION 00-00-C8 ALTOS COMPUTER SYSTEMS 00-00-C9 Emulex Corporation 00-00-CA ARRIS International 00-00-CB COMPU-SHACK ELECTRONIC GMBH 00-00-CC DENSAN CO., LTD. 00-00-D5 MICROGNOSIS INTERNATIONAL 00-00-D6 PUNCH LINE HOLDING 00-00-D7 DARTMOUTH COLLEGE 00-00-D8 NOVELL, INC. 00-00-EC MICROPROCESS 00-00-ED APRIL 00-00-EE NETWORK DESIGNERS, LTD. 00-01-2F Twinhead International Corp 00-01-30 Extreme Networks 00-01-31 Bosch Security Systems, Inc. 00-00-CD Allied Telesis Labs Ltd 00-00-CE MEGADATA CORP. 00-00-D9 NIPPON TELEGRAPH & TELEPHONE 00-00-DA ATEX 00-00-DB British Telecommunications plc 00-00-DC HAYES MICROCOMPUTER PRODUCTS 00-00-DD TCL INCORPORATED 00-00-DE CETIA 00-00-DF BELL & HOWELL PUB SYS DIV 00-00-E0 QUADRAM CORP. 00-00-EF KTI 00-00-F0 SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. 00-01-13 OLYMPUS CORPORATION 00-01-14 KANDA TSUSHIN KOGYO CO., LTD. 00-01-32 Dranetz - BMI 00-01-33 KYOWA Electronic Instruments C 00-01-34 Selectron Systems AG 00-01-35 KDC Corp. 00-01-37 IT Farm Corporation 00-01-38 XAVi Technologies Corp. Transfer Data Test Gmb H 00-01-4A Sony Corporation 00-01-4B Ennovate Networks, Inc. 00-01-05 Beckhoff Automation Gmb H 00-01-06 Tews Datentechnik Gmb H 00-01-07 Leiser Gmb H 00-01-08 AVLAB Technology, Inc. 00-01-7F Experience Music Project 00-01-80 AOpen, Inc. 00-01-C5 Simpler Networks 00-01-C6 Quarry Technologies 00-01-C7 CISCO SYSTEMS, INC.