It’s like Craiglist’s Missed Connections meets Tinder meets geolocation app.If you like what you see, you have two options: you can “Heart” them (where they’ll only get notified if you both heart each other) or you can send them a “Charm”, which is a direct means of pinging someone.

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but because I realized that this information allows you to find nearly any of your matches on Facebook using graph search.

Dating sites creep me out for the simple reason that you’ll never know who you’re talking to or if what they’re saying is accurate. I found out that a handful of the guys that messaged me actually have girlfriends by looking at their Facebook profiles.

On the flip side, I was in Logan Square on Saturday and came away with a dozen or so hipsters in my feed.

In a way, this is a pretty interesting way of being matched – you’re essentially getting matched with people whose lifestyle and interests are similar to yours.

Founders Didier Rappaport, Fabien Cohen, and Antony Cohen launched the app in France earlier this year with the intent of merging your real-life interactions with a dating app.

The app has spread like wildfire in Europe and is just beginning to catch on in the US.And, of course, almost every single woman (and probably plenty of men) have either heard countless online dating horror stories from friends, or experienced pretty bad things themselves.I’m not suggesting / endorsing or encouraging anyone to take it to “Stage 5 Clinger” levels of research, but having enough information about someone to make sure they’re not hiding a wife and kids at home puts my mind at ease.However, after hearing about Happn, I was excited to give it a try.I like that there’s a “real world” element to it, and as someone who sucks at making eye contact, this is gold.Whenever you’re within 250 meters (roughly one city block) of another Happn user, they’ll appear on your app’s home screen.