“Companies are actually going out of business because of piracy.This is the new pornographic order, but it’s an uneasy balance.

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To put it in context, one of our channels on Pornhub had 12 million views this year, and our XVideos channel had 75 million views this year, with every video carrying an advert for our site.

We couldn't afford to build that traffic as beginners."The idea of Mind Geek as an X-rated evil empire may not, therefore, be so easy to square.

“In namelessness and facelessness, it becomes easy to not care about labour conditions and intellectual property issues,” she adds. “I think among people who make porn, there’s a consensus that the proliferation of ‘free’ instant access porn on streaming sites has forced porn (and therefore performers) to become increasingly reduced to keywords and categories,” says Vex Ashley, head of porn outfit Four Chambers.

“In a tube-site environment, as a user, it’s so easy to stop thinking of the videos having any origin – no producers, directors [or] performers with histories and distinct identities beyond what you see being performed – and therefore, it’s easy not to care, and easy to lose sight of the basic humanity of sex. “This means that anything that subverts stereotypes or keyword trends is lost in the expansive tube-site archives.”The domination of keywords can also be an opportunity to create a new territory elsewhere, though – one that’s harder to serve within the business model of Mind Geek.

“People watch everything in smaller chunks, have loads of windows open at once, get to the money shot quicker,” they tell me.

“But [the internet] has also made things available to watch that were never accessible before.

I want to show that you can be successful in this industry doing things your own way.

I'm deadly serious about what I do.”While Sugar Cookie's site doesn't pivot on a keyword-heavy approach, her videos do appear on Pornhub, and streaming sites have been a vital part of her studio's development.

The domination of Mind Geek, as well as sites like x Hamster and XVideos, has led to accusations of a monopoly over an industry that relies on it to stop from collapsing entirely.

Performers are paid less, with the whole concept of a “porn star” dissolving among the constantly rolling bodies of free-to-watch porn sites.

“Performers are interesting, lovely people and I want all my videos, porn or not, to give them that dimension that you don’t always find in pornography,” she says.“I think people want more connection in pornography. The whole industry is moving towards providing products that cater to the growing demand.”I ask Sugar Cookie if she considers herself to have a similar outlook to Four Chambers.