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Special interest groups in the Society consider meteorological aspects of hydrology, agriculture, forestry, meso scale meteorological phenomena and operational meteorology.

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Membership is open to all who share an interest in atmospheric and oceanic sciences, their related sciences and applications.

The Society addresses a broad range of national and international meteorological and oceanographic concerns including weather and weather extremes, global warming, ozone depletion and surface air quality and their effects on all aspects of life in Canada including forestry, agriculture and fisheries.

In addition, we would like to recognize our sponsors whose generous contribution helps these congresses to succeed.

We encourage other potential sponsors especially larger users of meteorology to step up to the plate to help their organization CMOS to grow and organize additional events.

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Toutefois, la SCMO a une riche histoire qui remonte à 1939 alors qu'elle était connue sous le nom de Section canadienne de la Société royale des météorologues.

La Société compte membres et adhérents, et parmi ceux ci, des étudiants, des corporations, des institutions et d'autres groupes engagés dans l'éducation, les communications, le secteur privé et le gouvernement.

I understand that this year s congress Tropics to Poles: Advancing Science in High Latitudes has brought together national and international experts to share their findings and recommendations, to ensure excellence in the field of high latitude science.