It was the reason we continued [to work on Tiff’s Treats] after we graduated.” It’s no secret that Austin loves its local businesses, and Tiff’s Treats is a great example of the hard working folk we love to accept and respect, and the outstanding products we love to enjoy.

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They bought a cell phone for the business and started putting flyers out on the UT campus to advertise.

They didn’t pay themselves for 4 years, but the business and the buzz surrounding it kept building.

“There’s no way this company could’ve grown in any other city in America,” Leon declared.

“Austin people are just so accepting.” Tiffany added her words of thanks to the community: “Thank you for your support and excitement.Regular orders from UT for 75 dozen cookies didn’t hurt any!The company’s first two employees were the younger brothers of a friend.“Only cute boys deliver for Tiff’s Treats” was the common opinion, and jokes were even thrown around about making a calendar to show off the employees.Tiff and Leon cooked their first batches of cookies in their small Hyde Park apartment.During our enjoyable time together, I unearthed 8 facts you probably don’t know about Tiff’s Treats, including heretofore unreleased info (yes, I said heretofore).