It was shot in 4 days with money his fans gave him; I don't think Steven Speilberg is going to be offering to back his next film. The Broadway Dreams facebook page has a promo about him participating in an event, and it says "TYLER HANES will join us from his new home in LA."Jake's career is really about to take off. I think it's kind of sweet if Tyler Hanes moved with Van, show business marriage "back to back with the knives aimed out at everyone else"I'd give anything if they did a video together "It gets better" , would be powerful About Jake: I think he's a cool guy and I hate to rag on him, but yeah...he's kind of a terrible actor. I seriously doubt this short film will make him a household name, but that's not really the point.I think your just jelous because Jake is now getting the attention hes always deserved i think people underestimate him as and actor, and people should not because i think hes is capable of many things and good for him hes on the road to success!! I thought you knew Tyler had moved and was doubting they had moved together. The preview screenings of Stuffer have been giant hits. I know why did he have to grow it out and dye ot blond, to be honest i like when his hair is short and when he has his natural haircolor like earlier this year, i guess he wanted a change, but what do you all think of his hair not hot or not.. A guy I went to high school with makes indie movies out in L. You've probably never heard of him, and none of his films have been anything approaching hits, but he does what he loves and is able to put a roof over his head. As for Van doing an "It Gets Better" video, I'd settle for him just saying "I moved to L. with my boyfriend" in this interview with Roger from We Love Soaps. Yeah, I'm over soaps after the debacle that was the end of ATWT.

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R84 Why on earth would Tyler, who is involved in theater, move to L. I'm asking for sources, which I don't think is unreasonable.

Yes, I'm aware that it wouldn't make a lot of sense for Tyler to move to L. being a theater actor; but do we know that he has actually moved there?

The cinematography is pretty impressive for a low-budget film. ok so your his friend well i want some proof how bout somemore juicy gossip, also why would he have been baned from naming his girlfriend thats just silly, oh and one more ting is it true that je and Van and freinds or was that just a lie that was made for the fans?? There's something I wanted to mention about Stuffer, but I'll keep it on Van, like how adorable it is that he and his boyfriend moved to L. together, even though Tyler likely has more career opportunities in NY. It wasn't just "a few casual mentions" of the other actors. I mean, if you want to get this deep about it, maybe you should just question whether you ever even knew "for sure" that they were dating.

Not banned in all terms, but the show wont let Jake takes his girlfriend to the Glaad awards or ATWT photo shoots, his girlfriend was also in Paris with some of us, but was not seen when he and Van were answering questions, Jake have said he and Van gets on well but i dont think they are best friends. The article was about what a bunch of ATWT actors were up to. And I don't think Tyler will have trouble finding work. Just that naturally there would be more opportunities in NY. R85, I've seen photos of Van & Tyler dancing together, and at a marriage equality rally, to me, it's a pretty safe bet that they are/were dating.

Unless Chad/Will become a couple which would lessen the need for an actress that age. Former daytime actors are competing with lots of people for scraps.

This is what i mean since hes gay in real life it was so easy for him to portray gay, so of course he seemed very natural right?They can't do that to Eric Brady since he's Sami's twin and she's in her mid 30's.Days probable next hire might be a 20 year old to play a desorased Abby Devareaux.Van might not be a Brando but he's a much better actor than a large portion of the GH cast.Even the old timers who are talented will phone it in unless they know they're going to use the scene for their Emmy reel.He also read for the Michael role on Days of our Lives. Days later decided to hold off on bringing the character to town, but asked Van to return to read for another part in the future.what's worse?