Instead, it gave me a recording telling me that I needed to use Magic Jack's own free conferencing solution. Magic Jack itself is a CLEC that most likely benefits from some kind of regulatory arbitrage, so it's just another small telco blocking Free Conference to push its own services.That might be fine for setting up conference calls, but this was a call that was already going on, and which people were waiting for me to dial into. But, just because telcos don't like competition, it doesn't mean it's legal for them to block others' services.I read some reviews online, and they all basically said the same thing: when it works, it works great, but don't expect any customer support if things go wrong.

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Will be going on the front of my 2001 Kawasaki KLR650.. I wanted to try something different than the Heidenau K60 that is currently mounted for a more street oriented tire. I do a mix of gravel and pavement, nobby treads get chopped up in about 4,000 or so miles. I don't think they make this tire in a 150 as bias ply anymore, after they had all the problems initially. On my DL 1000 I run only the TL's and the Shinko's are a very good tire for traction on the pavement and "good" dirt roads.

Thought I would expirement with this tread pattern and see how far it makes it. I was surprised to find I like them more than my Michelin Annakee II on the road. They handle well and I found they improved the turn in on my 04 GSA; an already great handling bike. I bought a couple for my GS in 2011 and then June 2012, and they were radial. The only downer is the rear only lasts about 4000mi, front maybe 6-7000 on my DL 1000. I would not put these on my KTM 990 Adventure however, since I want more of a "knobby" to horse around with! Whether or not it will work on your bike is a function of the type of rims on your bike.

Most items will ship the same business day an order is placed,however if an item requires additional processing time a message will be shown indicating such. Returns If your order arrives and it is not right, we will we'll fix it, NO NONSENSE, we promise. You can return any new, unused and unaltered item within 30 business days of delivery receipt of your item. I buy about 3 rear tires and 2 front tires annually. I'm not sure that it works the other way around as the rim and tire bead profiles are different.

We will issue a full refund to your original payment method. They last about 8000 miles and perform as I wish based on my riding style. I had recently mounted a Mitas E07 bias ply rear and needed to replace the front with a bias ply for a 5,000 mile trip this summer. Depends on what kind of bike/rims you have but I would NOT run TL's on a spoked rim without a tube and I would NOT run TT's on a rim designed for a TL tire unless you get approval from the bike mfg.

But today, Magic Jack appears to be breaking the law. Since not everyone here works locally or in the office every day, we have a conference call using every startup's favorite: Free

So I called in this morning, and Magic Jack refused. This issue cropped up two years ago, when a bunch of small telcos started blocking calls to Free, because Free Conference is actually a big regulatory arbitrage scam.

Then, of course, SBC bought AT&T and wanted nothing whatsoever to do with Call Vantage.

It neglected the service, and quality got worse and worse until it announced a few months ago that it was shutting the service down completely. I contemplated going strictly with a combination of Skype and my cell phone for phone service, but I've found both to be somewhat unreliable at times -- and for unexplained reasons my new laptop has terrible microphone inputs -- so everyone I've called via Skype insists they can't hear me at all (and I've tried both USB and the mic inputs, and multiple microphones -- no luck).

I've been using it for about a week, and it's not too bad.