I had to smile at the Brookgreen ducks, furiously swimming around to keep their pond from freezing! We have a lot of cam outages and I have tried calling all of them without response.

I still get the occasional e-mail about problems with the OD Pavilion cam. The webcam service itself is provided through at times there is a lack of cam maintenance and possibly old equipment or late payments which is not likely to improve. I sometimes say if they remain inactive, I will remove them from the grid. If any of y'all are inclined to call, feel free to do so.7/3 Happy 4th to all the cam fans!

There were actually people in kayaks paddling down the main sttreet!

Some guys don't truly understand the opportunities around them.

When they hear stories of 'dirty women' their friends tell them about, these stories are always happening to someone else - never them. It's because they still see the local girls they pass in everyday life as the traditional stereotype: potential girlfriend/wife.

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They don't realise that the stories they hear about wild, promiscuous women are women just like these that they see every day.

They walk past local slappers every day without realising it! You make conversation, ask waitresses how their day is going, ask your colleague about her weekend.

I said to Wally, "I wonder if any of the cam fans are watching now!

" He repies "If they were, they wouldn't know you anyhow!

Of course what I really need is the tech department, but when I use those words they think I'm speaking a foreign language.6/7 A video showing multiple sharks swimming close to the shore, south of Myrtle Beach has gone viral, gaining over nine million views since being uploaded on May 16.