If he makes allegations against me or my church leaders they are going to examine those facts that they have that his wife and/or friends do not.

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In Gainesville, Georgia we have completed a beautiful renovation of our existing building as well as the construction of a brand new Chapel and amphitheatre.

Due to the overwhelming response of Free Chapel College, we want to make room for even more students.

He is a child abuser, spouse batterer, a rapist and behind on child support. The church is true, and I have no doubt about that, even though I am not active at this time.

Everyone I have ever met within the church, has treated my family with repect and love and I will never forget that.

READ: Foreign websites steal our content I too was treated wrongly by the church at a time in my life; now nearly seven years ago.

At the time I found that I felt that some leaders are called to their position as an opportunity to condemn themselves.

Below is the contact information: LDS Foundation 15 E.

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