With a bold, bright aesthetic, they look and feel high quality.

While they’re relatively heavy in your hands, on your feet, these feel lightweight, supporting quick, fast-paced play.

The core material used is an aertex-type fabric, which managed to keep feet cool and dry, even in the most sweat-inducing matches.

Buy now Another top choice for anyone who straps their ankles for support, these have a built-in boot feature that provides unrivalled stability and support during play.

Due to this design, these can be quite tricky to get on and can feel quite uncomfortable initially, but once you get used to the fit, you will feel unstoppable on the court.

Favoured by many top players in the England Superleague, these from Mizuno are brilliant all-rounders.

The shoes feel strong and powerful and seem to actively push any movement forward, adding an extra spring in your step; a great advantage over opposition.

So, it was only a matter of time before players started demanding more from their footwear.

Trainers should facilitate short, sharp movements and changes of direction; a key skill for any player.

With the England Roses becoming one of the top teams to beat in the international netball scene, (pipping rivals the New Zealand Silver Ferns to the post twice already this season) and Liverpool hosting the Netball World Cup in 2019, netball is on the rise.

According to England Netball’s latest statistics, more people than ever are playing the sport.

They had the best shock absorption of the trainers tested and flex grooves and strong grip on the soles keep your ankle aligned during changes of direction, preventing nasty injuries.