She wore a white, buttoned blouse that showed off her firm, perky chest, along with a black miniskirt that turned both male and female heads.

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If there was any chance for her to have a futanari inside of her, she would drop whatever she was doing. All that year she had been inexplicably attracted to her, thinking herself possibly bisexual.

She never forgot the surprise and joy she felt when she saw her female classmate drop her pants and expose her hard cock.

Michelle got off of the bed and walked to the naked futanari. A surge of pleasure surged up her spine as she felt those warm fingers enclose her penis and gently stroke it. Michelle let out a tiny giggle as she felt Edith's penis beating against her abdomen. She bent forward to suck on Michelle's nipples, causing Michelle to cry out and wrap her arms and legs around Edith. She then looked up at the nerdy futa, her face red and hot, her glasses askew, and her hair tousled.

"So, tell me, Edith," Michelle said, using her right index finger to trace circles around the edge of Edith's areola. The other hand began to flick and play with her nipples. Even now, she could imagine the rod filling with semen, just waiting to be inside of her. " Michelle gave a delighted squeal as Edith grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. Her hips were still pumping madly into Michelle's twat.

Edith had taken the bus here, so Michelle was free to walk her right out of the bookstore and drive her home in her Audi RS5 Cabriolet.

While driving, it was all Michelle could do to keep her eyes on the road, and not on Edith's lap.

She gently broke their kiss, took Edith by the hand, and led her to the bed. Once Michelle was on her back, Edith proceeded to rip off her clothes, sending buttons flying through the air. Edith roughly grabbed Michelle's thighs and spread them apart before thrusting her anxious dick inside of her. Michelle continued to vocalize as she allowed Edith to ravage her.

After that, her panties were yanked down, baring her moist slit with the well-trimmed landing strip of pubic hair. She then proceeded to mercilessly ravage Michelle, causing the very bed to quake. " Michelle giggled, as she reached behind her back to unclip her bra. She ran her hands up and down her hot, sweaty back, her mind going blank as it was besieged with carnal delights.

The two women entered the bedroom, and Michelle sat on the side of her bed. I want to see you." Edith's cardigan, shirt and bra made their way to the floor.