I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why it ended so suddenly at the end. She hadn't mentioned it to anyone down below, but this place was in real financial trouble. She couldn't hear what he was saying, and kept struggling. The truth is, my inspiration dried up as I wrote the next segment, and I thought I'd put something out rather than nothing. For all my attempts, I could write nothing decent without that inspiration that finally captured my soul as it had before. If this experiment failed, it could very well spell the end of the company altogether. His arms wrapped around her waist, and he began to pull. The cars were all old, like they were in one of those nostalgia movies.

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"A Foreign Land" is the fruit of that infusion of the heart. She started dodging between the loose cables and equipment that littered the floor. "I need you to keep a close watch on this." She made her way towards his voice. You watch these numbers, and you call for help if they go out of range. Just once, it would be nice to work somewhere with a sense of fiscal responsibility.

I hope you like it, because I don't know when the inspiration will strike again! "Patty" was such a demeaning bastardization of the name. There was at least a hundred thousand worth of gear lying about just waiting to get stepped on and broken. If this one goes below 5 or over 40, the whole place goes boom, so don't slack off! " she called, catching a glimpse of him as he went around the other side of the machine. If she had her way, her first step would be to fire Jack Kline!

I think I twisted it when we fell." Jack looked around. I don't really recognize this place." He turned to her and grinned. " He pulled out his phone, pushed a few buttons, and shook his head.

Masses of wires threaded along telephone poles, almost 15 to each.

They crouched behind a large bin, waiting for the excitement to die down.

" Jack grabbed her hand and dragged her along into a nearby alley. She needed something familiar, and she needed to cry. She curled into him, not caring if it made him uncomfortable. " She stared out at the street, watching the ancient cars go by. Must have cost a lot." "Yeah, you'd know all about the cost, wouldn't you? I just want to see a fiscally responsible company, not some cowboy operation that spends itself into oblivion! "Well you did, babe." he said, motioning around himself. "I thought I could make a difference." she said weakly. I'll just put in MY report that this little operation saved us an hour of downtime for the low, low cost of a component." She glared at him. " "I need it for the reasons I listed in the requirements document.