We met the boys in their neighborhood just a few hours later.

They stood in the same clean-pressed school uniform in a house a quarter the size of my classroom -- their bed a twin-sized mattress shared by three children.

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We kicked the soccer ball around for a while and when I scored a goal the boys and I did cartwheels and celebrated like at The World Cup.

Afterward we celebrated with a congo-line-esque dance.

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On our first day, we pulled up to Children International: the vehicle for TOMS giving model.

On top of a new pair of shoes, Children International (CI) provides dental and medical care, educational assistance such as tutoring, and a safe facility for children to play.Instead, if you give goods as a reward for going to school and receiving medical checkups, then this helps break the poverty cycle. On my flight home to JFK, I thought of Dominique and the soccer team that giggled at my attempt to join them on the field.As I drifted off into sleep, I stopped myself short when I began to complain about the cramped coach seat and thought of the bed they would sleep in at night.The walls -- made of tarp and sheet metal -- stood balancing on the same kind of cinder blocks college students use to prop up their dorm room beds.The boys asked that we join them in a game of soccer, so a few of the TOMS crew and I joined in.Later that day, I posed for a picture with two young boys who held up a notebook with a sticker that read in Spanish "We Have a Right to Education." Growing up in The United States, this is not something I was used to seeing.