It is the very nature of an association like ALCTS to spread light into, shed light on, enlighten, highlight, light a pathway, and be a source of light.It is also the very nature of ALCTS to be light (as in nimble or having nimble-osity or nimbility) with a touch of light (as in not serious).

Seeking the 2007–2008 ALA presidency are Nancy Davenport, interim director of library services at the District of Columbia (D.

C.) Public Library and James Rettig, University Librarian at the University of Richmond in Virginia.

Davenport served on the ALA Executive Board from 2002 to 2005 and was elected to the ALA Council for the 1999–2002 term.

She also chaired the ALA Constitution and Bylaws Committee in 2000.

We need to create an environment where process innovation is the norm. Most libraries are doing digital “projects” rather than digital “programs.” All digital efforts should include preservation planning. The goal of searching is getting people to related “stuff.” Systems being developed now should support the way people search.

Searching should be able to support exploration across data type boundaries: facet where metadata exists; cluster where it doesn’t.

I will stop slightly short of an epiphany moment, like Paul on the road to Damascus.

It is however helping individuals to expand their horizons a bit. Consider the popularity of our forums and programs. This year is particularly important for celebrating our accomplishments, our members, and our future.

The temptation among those who are enamored with new technologies is to assume that traditional library skills have no place in the library of the future. Computers are able to do things much faster than human beings ...

but they have less cognitive skill than the average two year old.

There are many activities taking place within ALCTS as revealed in the numerous conference reports.