Take a picnic to waterfront Creekside Park or sprawling Za’abeel Park, Dubai’s equivalent of Hyde or Central Park, to join families and groups of friends barbecuing and playing cricket on the weekend.Stretch your legs in the beachside suburbs of Jumeirah, where bougainvillea spills over villa walls and chickens scratch grassy lanes, and working class Satwa, where piping hot flat-breads are pulled from ovens at Afghani hole-in-the-wall bakeries.

Dating to the 1890s, Al-Ahmadiya School (Dubai’s first) is an engrossing museum to education, while the adjoining Heritage House, a pearl merchant’s residence, provides an insight into everyday life.

Dubai’s historic Persian quarter, formerly known as Bastakiya but renamed as Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, is as worth wandering for its winding lanes and courtyard residences, distinguished by wind towers, as it is for its art scene.

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Jose Ignacio Domecq Gonzalez, was the aristocratic head of the Spanish wine-making family who owned Pedro Domecq, one of Spain’s oldest and largest sherry and brandy shippers, from 1816 until 1994, when it was merged with Allied Lyons P. Sherry, like port and madeira, is a fortified wine, which means that alcohol is added for body and strength. In an essay for ”Christie’s Wine Companion” (Salem House, 1987), he wrote: It was this relationship to sherry, perhaps Spain’s unique contribution to wine culture, that led Mr.

The name is an Anglicization of Jerez, the capital of sherry production. Domecq’s competitors and admirers to observe that he was a man of long views.Sample Dubai’s best street food on Frying Pan Adventures tour.Then wash it all down with a glass of something chilled.Haggle for shimmering fabrics and Aladdin-style slippers at Bur Dubai textile souk before cruising across the creek on an old to inhale heady aromas and buy frankincense and an Emirati incense burner at the Spice Souk.Lose yourself in the colourful lanes of Deira Souk, best for belly-dancing costumes and shisha pipes, en route to the gob-smacking displays of glittering jewellery at the Gold Souk.For air-con, big brand names and luxury items, hit one of the city’s sumptuous malls, such as Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates.